Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fail: Register Checkout Mishaps

I have to go ahead and post this again, as a reminder to everyone (mostly myself!) LOL! It's so important to make sure you read your store receipt and check your bags before leaving the store. Just this week alone, (1) I forgot a bag of 4 razors at Target, (2) was overcharged $4 at Winn-Dixie, (3) didn't get a $5 Target Gift Card. Major Fail! Thanks to a friend who picked up the razors for me, I saved one trip to Target. I have to make another trip to fix the other mistakes.

On a funny note, the cashier I had last night at Target was new. I bought two Venus Embrace razors to get a $5 Gift Card. When the Gift Card prompt on the register computer came up, he got a bit confused. "You need to give me a gift card", he said. I explained, "No you need to give me the gift card." Then I had to tell him where to find it! I successfully kept my laughter inside my head.

One of my coupons also wouldn't work even with two supervisors helping (I was supposed to get another free bodywash.) I was already tired from the skating party and was ready to go home that I forgot to get the gift card from him. (They normally hand it to you right away.) After combing through my bag 5 times with no luck, I finally called Target. They had their Loss Prevention person watch the video to see what exactly happened. I now have some Target coupons (instead of the gift card) waiting for me at the store.

It's nice to admit failures, isn't it? Makes me feel human! Visit My Blessed Life for other Friday Fails.


  1. Wow, I'm glad that they looked at the video for you.

  2. Goodness, I wouldn't even think abt the fact that I was on a video! That's kind of scary but it sounds like it worked well for you! Thanks for visiting my blog.


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