Friday, February 12, 2010

Company Girl Coffee 2.12.10

Hello Company Girls! I've missed you all last Friday. I made some cafe au lait for all you coffee drinkers, topped with Cool Whip for me. One day I hope I can learn to make homemade whip cream! I didn't get any of the small things done this week. I'm aiming to buckle down and try again next week. Are you not yet a Company Girl? We'd love for you to be one! It's such a lovely group. Visit Home Sanctuary to learn more.
Yesterday, we finally made it to a Homeschool League event: Valentine's Skating Party. My daughter and husband were scheduled to skate (since I don't know how!) and they made it around one lap before she asked to get out. The girl was plenty scared seeing other kids slam into the wall! Our son is 5 and gets scared easily so I didn't sign him up to skate. But given the opportunity to take his sister's place, he gladly skated 5 laps. My husband felt great that at least one of the kids let him fulfill his Daddy duty. But he quickly got out of the stinky skates when it was all over (they still reeked even after getting sprayed with Lysol). Yuck!

It was great fun, although overwhelming with so, so many kids in one place. I told my daughter that none of these kids rode the big yellow school bus because each one had school at home like us. There's something about that school bus that still makes my kids want to go to regular school. So I hope that it resonated with her that she's not the only one missing out on the bus thing! They also enjoyed decorating and passing out their Valentine's cards and boxes. Plus, the Valentine's treats were so yummy. The only problem we had was making 80 cards to pass out! The procrastinator in me of course waited until the day before and still insisted to making them instead of just buying the premade ones! I'll know better for next time.

It's rainy, cold and dreary out here. I sure am sure wishing we had the snow our northern Virginia friends are enjoying! Driving home, we got some sleet, which looked like tapioca-sized hail to me. But it's not the same, even scarier than skating, according to my son. I sure hope the weather clears up and returns to the sunny Florida we all love. How is the weather were you are? How are you celebrating Valentine's Day?


  1. My kids are fascinated with the school bus too. They go to small private Christian school, but we don't have buses, and man, my son wants to ride the bus!

    Sounds like the valentine party was a little crazy, but fun! Have a great weekend!

  2. No big yellow bus here either...but my kids have no idea they are missing out on that, shhhh!

    I love what you did with your valentines, I can never figure out what to do with them, great idea!

    We would be glad to send you some of our snow, they are predicting more tomorrow and I am quite done with it!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. That's great that all the homeschoolers got together. It's quite warm over here in Northern CA, I heard Palm Springs was 77 degrees today. We don't have any planned for V-day because I'm still not feeling 100% and just need to rest.


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