Sunday, January 24, 2010

Target Talk

What follows is a rant about my Target trip that hopefully has underlying value and some coupon lesson you can learn.

Today was the last day to price-match Big Lots for $2.50 All detergent. So I did my usual stop at Customer Service. I know they already know me. Yet, I still got a hard time about price-matching.

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, if the ad says: Buy 2/$4, they expect you to buy 2! And the Big Lots ad had a microcsopic note "$3 for 1" under 2/$5. So I'm calculating in my head because I only printed one coupon (should have known better!) and will lose that *gasp* dollar of savings. I caved in because we are down to one bottle of detergent and the laundry monster has come to visit.

While hubby fetched the other bottle, I price-matched Publix's 2/$4 deal on Eggland's Best eggs. They gave me that look, "Where's the other eggs?" Completely burst the bubble I was in- I was just feeling good buying those pricey eggs, and with a coupon to boot! "I can buy these at Publix if you won't sell me just one," said I, trying not to roll my eyes. It's been so long since I've had to deal with someone making you get the EXACT deal on the ad. Common knowledge is: if it's 10 for $10, you can buy 1 and still get it for a $1. If it's 2/$4, you can get one for $2. That's been my experience everywhere. C'mon Target, get on the ball!

I always try to find something to say to lighten the mood after a register debacle. Overhearing the cashiers talk about perfumes on sale, I mentioned Faith Hill's perfume has a $3 off Q online. The girl's face brightened. I gave her Hip2Save's site where she posted the coupon link. And the other guy gave me another blog- yes, a dude memorized this website: My Military

Check it out! Great news for all you NEX and Commissary shoppers. I came away with my pride and dignity back, plus a great new blog to bookmark. Seeing the lighter side of mishaps is, for sure, the best way to keep going on this frugal journey!

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