Saturday, January 23, 2010

CVS, Walgreens, Target Deals

My brain is all loopy right now so I couldn't make any sense of the CVS and Walgreens ads. But it's better to wait a couple of days anyway and check what extra deals and match-ups other bloggers find. Unless, of course, they have FREE after ECBs or RRs then I always do those ASAP (Sunday or Monday at the latest). I don't text, but with all these abbreviations, I sure feel 10 yrs younger!

Visit IheartCVS for Ad Scans & Hip2Save for match-ups.
Visit IheartWAGS for Ad Scans and IheartSavingMoney for match-ups.

Kerry at Totally Target has Sneak Peek Ads ready by Saturday.
Visit to see the ads.

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  1. Over on she has some up. Not sure if it's what you may be wanting. Just thought I would post that for you. :0)


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