Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quiet Time Over Coupons

Since early this morning, I've been writing off and on, both blogging and journaling. Then I hit a writer's block. For some reason, I thought about Rita Springer and her music. Rita's myspace page has some favorites like "I Have to Believe" if you want to hear too. And it worked! I was deep in thought again. My mind and hands made a connection and below is what I wrote. Thanks Rita!
For so long, I felt like I had to get my quiet time in my serene space to commune with God. I had to get to Him. Somehow I missed out on the part that He’s not that far that I have to get to Him. He’s right here next to me. As I cut my coupons, write my shopping lists, prepare menus, I’m already in the perfect position to pray and talk to Him. To make myself vulnerable and pour out my feelings about being a mom, these are things I need to voice that He’s been waiting to hear.

I think that words like “devotionals” & “quiet time" restrict & idealize our relationship with God. When I wake-up startled by my son standing in front of me asking about breakfast, I’m not really thinking about having quiet time with the Lord. It’s more like, “Nooo… not this already!” The day goes on. I hear God calling me to sit with Him & I can't ever find the time. Because I'm thinking that it has to be like I’m meeting a friend at a coffee shop. But I don’t have to even get out of my pajamas or brush my teeth because He is already right next to me.

I often talk about how my faith grew because of clipping coupons. More out of a desperately small budget than anything, I had to pray about everything concerning grocery shopping. I knew very little and didn’t know anyone else to turn to. Week by week, I saw God answer my prayers in tangible ways. Every time I opened the cupboards and fridge I was reminded of how He provided those sales and coupons, sometimes, as if just for my specific needs. Seven years later, here I am forgetting that these times of sincere prayer were the best "devotionals" I’ve ever had. When we surrender to Him this very thing we find mundane and allow Him to invade our daily lives, that is when we will see Him. It’s about God in the everyday, still miraculous, still awesome.

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  1. Wonderful post! I think communing with Him all day is good. . .opening your cupboards and remembering Who provided. . .thank you for that. I need to make more of a conscious effort in that area.


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