Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Waffle House

My favorite romantic comedy movie is It Happened One Night with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert . There’s a scene where they stopped for the night at some cabins. For breakfast, he prepares one egg, black coffee and two donuts. It got me thinking this morning about portion sizes back then and now. Because we only have two eggs left ourselves to split amongst 4 people. (You see, I was waiting for a sale on eggs so I kept delaying buying some. Walgreens will have them for $0.99 starting Sunday. I'll price-match at Target or Walmart since they’re closer to me.) I asked a MOPs mentor mom for healthy eating tips and she suggested trying to only eat what the serving size says on the box. Then wait 10 minutes and eat a little bit more if you’re still hungry. So, I had one waffle plus half an egg and bits of sausage. Instead of free-pouring the syrup, I poured ½ cup in a measuring cup and served everyone’s waffles out of that. There’s some left and everyone is happy. I make a fruit compote but we're out of frozen fruits except bananas.

I used the last box of free Kashi Waffles today. I think Target no longer carries these. But another great deal will come. Or I'll just have to make homemade again. It was nice to have a break from cooking since it was healthier and free to get these. The syrup is surely a splurge at $7 for the bottle at Walmart. I’m sure Sam’s has better deals. I’ve been eyeing this bottle for a long time. Starting this year, we'll celebrate our grocery savings by buying healthier items we otherwise could not afford. Sometimes, you just have to live it up. Free waffles = extra money = pricey syrup.

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