Friday, January 8, 2010

FREE Long Distance Call

Well, free call for 5 minutes anyway. It really works. Just don't accept any offers or enter contests. I can't attest to the validity of those.

Call 1-888-FREE-411.
Listen to a 10 second commercial. (Do not press *)
The main menu options will be listed. Say "FREE CALL".
Another infomercial then it will say, "Welcome to free call"
Dial 1-(area code)-number and you'll have 5 minutes to chat.
After that, I'm not sure what happens.

Apparently we aren't chatty enough on the phone. Our ATT cell phone always had hundreds of rollover minutes. So we ended our 3-years with the cellphone plan. At first we used the 12-cent long distance plan for the landline. Wow! It doesn't take much to to rack up $30 for calls. To keep disciplined we decided to look for calling cards. Well, I think the cellphone company ran them out of business. It's like looking for a working payphone, you can't find calling cards anymore. Luckily, we found an old one that still had 45 minutes on it!

Plus, Woman's Day had a short blurb about 1-888-FREE-411 in their Feb 2010 issue. We've used it to call family members. We simply say, "Hi Mom, can you call me back please?" since they have unlimited long distance or night minutes. It's working out great! My purse is lighter. My phone doesn't go off at church or in a meeting. The biggest perk: we talk to each other more in the car and on dates instead of answering the phone. That's just as great as the $840/year we'll save!

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  1. We have digital phone service and can call anywhere in Canada, which I think is pretty's sure saved on our phone bill!

  2. I just started on Home Sanctuary,too.
    It can be hard to figure out the best way to save money on a phone bill. Now we have to do prepaid phone cards (no other options where we live), but at least we have cell phones!

  3. That's a great idea! We are a cell phone only family. Verizon is the carrier pretty much everyone in my family uses. It's wonderful for us, because we get free mobile to mobile calling within the Verizon network.

    Welcome to Company Girl Fridays!


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