Thursday, January 7, 2010

$10 Men's Pants at Target & 75% off Clearance

Yesterday was the first time I shopped for clothes at Target. I was amazed at the clearance section. Racks were 30, 50, and 75% off. Not only were plenty of regular women's sizes 75% off but also Liz Lange maternity clothes!

But the men's pants were an even better deal at $10 for Legendary Gold. Some were even cheaper on clearance at $6.48 for wrinkle-free pants. Sizes are limited as the $10 sale ends Saturday (1/9) but the clearance items should still be available until all items are sold. Merona short-sleeved Tees were only $1.98 each. Lots of long-sleeved ones and sweaters are at east 50% off.

I've found it hard to get my hubby nice pants because I never see them on sale. I was even willing to learn how to sew pants! So, this was a real blessing.


  1. But keep in mind... your target is always cheaper than mine. No clue why. I love their clothes and LOVE the clearance racks so whenever I am on that side of town I always stop to check out what they have.

  2. I had no idea... I mean we live in the same town. You would think they'd be nicer than that!


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