Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Super Shopping Jan 4, 2010

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things here. So I thought I might start by posting my shopping trip today. Many of the coupons I used is from this Sunday's newspaper. If you didn't get your copy, call Dollar Tree to see if they still do. With 5 inserts, it's well worth $1!

To make it easier on myself, I went to Michelle's I Heart Savings website to find coupon match-ups for most of these, and also I Heart Publix. Although it would stroke my ego to tell you I found all these deals myself, it is foolish for me to reinvent the wheel when tons of blogs already cover these deals. By visiting blogs I like the best, I know I can trust their info and save time by using their research. Frugal zealots at the ready! That is the beauty of this blog community.

Wal-Mart (Paid nothing!): Girl's Disney thermal pajamas $5; Leap Frog Tag books $10 & $9 (use two $4 Qs here or in the Parade magazine. I used credit from a Christmas gift return to pay nothing.

Walgreens: (Paid $37.52, got $16RR- only $21.52 after RRs)
I bought mostly grocery items because they had RR deals for these:
Oscar Mayer deli meats and lunchables & Kraft Singles
Buy 3 for $7.50 get $2.50RR
(Print $1 or use $1/2 deli & $.50 Kraft- only $1.17 each after RR)

Progresso soup 4 for $5. Buy $10 (before Qs) get $3 RR.
(lots of Qs! Print $1.10/3 or $1/3- only $.56 each after RR!)

Kellogg’s Cereal 2 for $5. Buy 2 get $2RR
(Used BOGO Q, paid $0.25 each after RR!)

Ester C is BOGO, 2 for $10.99.
Use 2 $5 off Qs from this week’s insert to get it for $0.50 each.

Electrasol is $3.49, get $1 RR. Use $2.50 from this week's insert to get it FREE after RRs! I stocked-up and got 3 (did 3 separate transactions to get the RRs, otherwise only one RR will print)

Publix (Paid $2.47): Strawberries are $1.97. BOGO Fiber One Yogurt, 2 for $2.50. W/ these $1 Q, I paid only $0.25 each! Would have bought more but my printer literally crashed. I tripped and knocked it off the table! Good thing I printed most of the coupons I needed before it happened.

Make sure to pick-up P&G coupons and the Green Advantage flyer. Michelle has match-ups here. She’s the best!

CVS (Paid $0 got $10.50 ECBs): I used ECBs & Qs and e-gift card to pay for tax. This store had 75% off Christmas and had lots of cute items for kids that are not just for Christmas. The Princess & frog brush set was $1.49. The building sets & tea cups only $.49 each. Also, the quarterly Bonus Bucks from Fall 2009 spending are printing. I got $3.50 extra ECBs!

GE Mini CFL bulb is $2.99, get $2 ECB.
Use $1 Q (this Sunday's) to get this FREE!

Nivea has an ECB deal: Buy $10 get $5.
This is scenario I used:
Buy 4 Nivea Lipcare, $2.99 each
Use 2 BOGO lipcare from this week’s paper
Pay $6 get $5ECB, only $0.25 each after ECBs

Flowers Thrift Bakery (Paid $3.56): 24-pack rolls ($.99), whole wheat bagels ($.79), English muffins ($.79), & bread ($.99) I hope you all shop at Thrift bakeries. These are awesome deals for good bread. Just make sure to watch the sell by date. Breads are good up to a week after the date. But freeze it if you have reservations.


  1. We had the same thing in mind - hitting 5 stores :) It was a busy day for sure. I should really look into our local bread store for their prices. You did great!

  2. Girl, I am going shopping with you. Wow! What a savings!

    Awesome trips,

  3. I love those ECBs from CVS and RRs from Walgs!


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