Thursday, January 7, 2010

Be a Company Girl!

Home organization is my personal weakness. It dates back to my childhood, really... but we won't go into that. So as with every year, I plan to be more organized this year. Starting today. Not on New Year's Day so I wouldn't fall into that statistic of people starting and failing at their resolutions within 72 hours.

To make things more interesting so I stay motivated, I've become a Company Girl! No, it's not a cult for organized wannabees. It's this neat thing Rachel Anne is doing on her blog Home Sanctuary. Every day she issues a challenge to do a Small Thing towards turning your home into a sanctuary. I figure, by the year's end, I would take some 300+ steps to make my home better. That's much easier for my brain to get than trying to be all organized right this minute. I'd love for some of you to join with me and keep me company!

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