Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walgreens 4 Day Sale Starts Today!

Walgreen 4day sale starts today. The deals here plus other deals this week are good through Saturday. You'll get $5 RRs for spending $25 before coupons. They have great sales, even on groceries, this week and lots of RR deals that will give you FREE items.

Side Note: For those who use EBT cards for food, this is a great tip for you- buy $25 worth of food items and get $5 RR to use on non-food necessities like toilet paper. Lookout for other stores that have grocery deals that give you store credit to use on other items (like Target's $5 gift card deals and CVS extra care bucks). Say, you're in need of detergent. Target has a gift card deal for Keebler cookies. You don't care for cookies. Do the deal anyway and use coupons to lower the cost. Then you'll get $5 for the detergent. Plus, bring the cookies to potluck or kid's events. Now you won't need to buy something for that, saving you even more.. Planning for $20 extra in your EBT card every month for these types of deals will yield a lot of savings on non-food items in the long run.

Four-day sale: Weds-Saturday, Dec 9-14
Get an extra $5 RR for spending $25 (before coupons!)
$0.99 dozen eggs
$2.39 gallon milk
$3 for $10 Coke Products 12-Pack (get $2RR for 3)
BOGO Reusable Tote Bags, 2 for $2.99
Buy these 6 items below for $28 before Qs, get $28 RR
Plus $5 RR for spending at least $25
Plus, Make $7 more with Just for Men Rebate
Use all coupons, get $5 more!
Total possible money-maker: $17, plus all FREE items

1. Conair Brushes or Scuncci Hair Accessories $2 get $2 RR
2. Stim-U-Dent 100 pack $2 get $2 RR
3. Neutrogena Men's Skin Care $4.99 get $5 RR
4. Just For Men Touch of Gray Hair Color $6.99 get $7 RR
-$2 just for men Touch of Gray
-$7 mir just for men Touch of Gray
5. Renu Multi-Purp Plus Solution Twin Pack 8 oz , $9.99 get $10 RR
-$2 Renu Multi-Purpose
-$1 Renu Multi-purpose (try zip 85013)
6. Stayfree Femine Care Maxi 16 or 24 pk or Ultra Thin Pads 16 pk $1.99 get $2 RR
-$1 Stayfree

Thanks, IHeartWags for ad scan and deals!

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