Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Target Super Shopping 12.8.2009

At Target today, I stopped by to pick-up the last Disney Princess Barbie Collection. It's priced at $49.99 for 7 barbies. Using two $5 Gift Cards from the Keebler snack deal dropped my total to $40, only $5.75 per doll. I hope this will not be overkill since my daughter has too many dolls as it is.
H2S posted this deal for Boggle. $12 at Target, but get a FREE Card game. Only for $10 or more Hasbro games. Plus I used a $5 Q from this Sunday's USA Weekend. So, $7 for 2 games!

While there, I picked up a few cheap or free items. Thanks to this new blog: Totally Target. If you are a fan of I Heart Publix, you'll like this new Target blog. It's by Kerry who edits for Michelle's Publix site.

Go here to see the deals & Q links. This list is what I paid after Qs:
$1.09 Steaz Organic Teas for 2 w/ BOGO Q
*not your Southern Tea, mind you, very unsweet
$0.89 Mott's Apple Juice w/$1 Target PRINT
2 FREE Kashi Go Lean Waffles w/ $3 off 2 peelies from TLC bars
2 FREE Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa w/ two $1 Target Print
*Q says one per transaction, so my cashier split them

Snack Deal: Buy 5 Get $5 Gift Card
*I bought 10 in one transaction and got 2 gift cards. This works well when your Q is off 2 items. And all these snacks are $2 each:
6 Keebler cookies used $1.50 off 2 & two $1 off 2 Qs
*perfect for potluck net week!
2 Cheeze-Its, used two $0.75 Q
2 Keebler Townhouse: No Flipsides or Toppers at our store- these have Qs
Paid $15 got two $5 Gift Cards

None of the Keebler crackers have the $10 Toy Voucher logo. But in the party food section, there are Keebler Gingerbread Men cookies for $3. These have the Toy logo!

Now, I am taking a rabbit trail:
I tried to use two $1 off Kelloggs or Keebler Qs printed from Save-A-Lot website's. They beeped. The cashier would not push it through. This reminded me that since it is the holidays, there will be seasonal hires who may not be used to your coupon ninja skills. Humor, patience and courtesy are your allies to winning over the cashier.

You must prepare with advanced decision making (a new concept I learned at Bible study just yesterday). These are if-then role-playing scenarios played out in your mind beforehand. Example of what I did: If the cashier decides not to take my coupons (I thought), I will point out that these are Manuf Qs with Save-A-Lot logo but will buy these irregardless. Wel, she decided to go to the manager- I said out loud I would buy them without the Qs, which put her at ease I think. The manager said if they beeped, don't take them and they beeped.

But I had already figured that even without the $2 Q, each box is only $0.50 after the gift cards. And I was using the gift cards for the next transaction anyway. So a little advanced decision making saved me and the cashier frustration. Plus, I could tell she was a bit nervous because I had a coupon for almost everything I bought. She said she could lose her job if she messed up processing the coupons. A little extreme, I think, since box stores lose more money on shoplifting (from customers and employees) than little ladies' coupons. But I can understand the paranoia too well, especially in our current economy. So we all need to remember to be gracious and smile a lot. In fact, teeth whitening might even come in handy. Just kidding.

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