Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hallmark $5 off $5 Coupon- Cheap Gift Wrap!

Hallmark has $5 off $5 coupons in magazines and also to PRINT. Thanks H2S! You can probably print two of these. Our Hallmark is independently owned and is in a shopping plaza instead of the mall. But the cashier had no problem taking them. Right now they have Christmas wrapping for Buy One for $4.99 Get One for $0.99. They also have lots of 99-cent cards and a smattering of overly-priced clearance items. I also saw a photo ornament for $3.29 (So get two for $6.60 and get $5 off.) I picked up 4 wrapping paper and a 99-cent card for $3+tax.

I've been noticing in the past few weeks that whenever there is a new high value coupon in a magazine, within a couple of weeks it comes out as a printable coupon online. So that means double coupons. Rewards Gold I think is the company that provides free magazine subscriptions. I have 3. It's completely frivolous, if it weren't for the coupons they have in there, a real waste in ink and trees. I've also used Swagbucks to get a subscription to Real Simple for FREE (a mag I used to get back in college and paid regular price for the subscription!) But in reality, I love magzines! Snippets of info packaged in glossy paper covering varied subjects NPR would never talk about. I just love it!

If you are great friends with your librarians and ask nicely, they may let you take out coupons too (as long as they are booklets not in the same page as an article). I would ask about issues at least a month old.

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