Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lifeway Super Shopping

So, after my headache at Walgreens (that Olay coupon kept beeping too), we went to Lifeway. They mailed Rewards Members a $10 coupon. I'm not sure if they do this every year & I was surprised to get it. It was very crowded out there by the mall area and parking was scarce. Looks like Christmas is around the corner. Inside the store was no better with shoulder-to-shoulder browsing.

We came out triumphant. Everything for $0.32! Plus a chocolate truffle filler item which I couldn't wait to eat. If you are not yet signed up as a Rewards Member, I would suggest you do so next time you shop. You'll get a punchcard that gives 20% to 30% off when all the punches are done. Plus a quarterly sales catalog that sometimes has coupons. And you'll get updates on events like kids' movie screenings that are always a lot of fun to attend.

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