Saturday, December 12, 2009

Walgreens Super Shopping 12.12.09

Instead of snow we have rain showers all day. It's kinda gloomy and it's messing with my depth perception- my shopping glasses that is. I came in to Walgreens today to grab some grocery staple items and a few of the deals. But after the 2nd transaction, I ran out of money. (Didn't do my list with the prices on it and messed up the Ragu deal, forgot the coupon.) Plus I was hungry. So I was able to find most of the deals, even though it's already Saturday. But I decided to put the rest down and not buy the extras since I'm supposed to save money, not spend all of it. Although, now I'm going back and forth in my head about going back out there and getting the rest.

I spent $20.65+tax, got $5RR & $2RR. I then used both for the Olay products and spent $9+tax. I used the $5 RR from the 1st transaction, so another one did not print out. If I could start over with this shopping trip, I would have bought the other products that would have been free after RRs first then bought the Olay products. It only makes sense to get the one that won't give RRs back at the end. That's a rule of thumb that I forgot. And it cost me $5RRs. But since I turned in this Olay Rebate for $20, the Olay products should be FREE and I get half my money back from the 1st trans.

Even though, in my eyes, this shopping was not super, I guess I won't be going back or making price adjustments for forgotten coupons. It's cold and wet outside and I'd rather take a nap!

P.S. If you are doing this Olay Rebate, the safest bet is to get it at Wal-Mart or elsewhere it might cost less than $9.99 and not bother with the coupons. I used 2 Buy Bodywash, Get Lotion FREE coupons which show up distinctly in my receipt (-$9.99 right under $9.99 price). So I'm not even sure if they will get me the rebate, since I obviously got these item for free already with the coupons. Ay! That's what I get for not reading this post carefully. Thanks anyway, H2S!

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