Friday, November 13, 2009

Walgreens Deals and Shopping

My total was $43.35 but $11.46 was on EBT. Got $25 RR back. Will submit for $15 Bayer and $5 SC Johnson rebate. After all these money-backs, this trip will be a little moneymaker for me! (Also I did 2 transactions and used a $5 off $25 for each. That is why I bought food items to lower the out of pocket expense since food is covered by my EBT card. And I tried to get mostly items that will be give RRs since the $5 off $25 must be used AFTER coupons.)

If you are new to Walgreens, please check out the H2S Store Video Tutorial by Hip 2 Save on the left side bar.
Even though I've already made my 3 submissions, I will make some for family members who I know will not do the rebate. What a nice surprise for them to get a $5 check in the mail!

Lots of make-up are on clearance. This Maybeline lipstick was $2.19. Sally Hansen foot products were $3 or more.

Ester-C is BOGO at $10.99 for 2. I ued two $5 off Qs so only $0.50 each. The key now is to start taking them. Ugh, horsepills!

Almay foundation is $9.99 with $10 RR. FREE natural foundation! Almay One Coat Mascara is $6.99. There is $4 off in the November book (get your copy!) so only $3.

These are $1.99 on sale, plus $1 off in the November book. The 100% Cranberry had $1 off peelies! So I bought 4 FREE bottles. I saw peelies at Target too but those said $1 off Cranberry Craisins or fresh cranberries. I don't know if the Walgreens ones were the same because I didn't read the coupon and it didn't beep at the register. My excitment overtook me!

These were on sale $0.50 with the in-ad Q. Plus I used two $0.65 off Qs from here. So these were FREE too. I really wanted to get the baking powder but I was told you can get a raincheck. Didn't know you could do that at Walgreens.

This is all I bought for the 2nd transaction. It came up to $24 and I bought a giant $1 cookie for a filler item. This way I could use the $5 off $25 coupon. So I paid $21 with tax. Then I got $15 RRs ($10 for Almay & $5 for Breeze 2) and will submit for $15 Breeze 2 rebate.Did you know that local food pantries often accept these for donations? After RRs and rebates, these FREE items will also make us $9! That's what I'm talking about!

Walgreens used to not be so fun for me. All the rude cashiers seemed to love working there. But after a few months of boycotting them in the spring, then slowly getting back to shopping there once in a while, things changed. I had one really great cashier who encouraged me and gave some insight. And I've been having fun again at Walgreens! So if you have had nasty cashiers there before and stayed away from them too, please consider trying again. I suggest only checking out at the photo or cosmetics counter. They seem to be nicer there.

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