Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Halloween Deals

Last year, we didn't have extra money to get Halloween costumes so I made outfits. Bob the Builder for my son (good thing he had an orange plaid shirt!) and Ballerina Princess for my girl (retrofit tutu). This year, was like a dream come true! I still made their outfits (Bible Man and Tinker Bell). But we bought a few nice superhero costumes and an angel outfit. I shopped the 50%, 75% and 90% off sales!

Excessive? More like blessed!
Transformers $3
Power Ranger $10
GI Joe $1.29
Ninja $0.99
2 Leggings, $1.12
Angel $3.50
Super Girl $5
Iron Man $3
We paid about $28 for 7 costumes!

We have PEZ dispensers from spring and this refill was only $0.20. The Brachs was also 90% off, maybe $0.30? These will make great crafts for Thanksgiving. This is a cute place holder idea from Duncan Hines.

You'll have to click on this image to enlarge. I ran into a friend buying Nestle Toll House Pumpkin Cookies at $1 each. There were $1 off 2 peelie coupons on the Christmas cookies too. It didn't say good for only those cookies so I used one. The same with the Pillsbury cookies but I had my own coupons. These will transform into Christmas cookies. We'll just put icing on top and you won't even see the ghost design. Totally easy frugal! Also, I bought 4 boxes of Duncan Hines spooky cake mix at Wal-Mart at $0.50 each. These have an orange mix plus a small cocoa mix. So if I put all the cocoa mixes together, that's an extra chocolate cake, right? Do these face-paint crayons work? I hope so because we love to do that around here. The Wonka candy was only $1 so I used $1 coupons to make these 2 bags FREE! Cupcake liners with pumpkin designs were only $0.50. Glitter Leaves for crafts were only $1. And the Disney game cards in the back was $2.50 for 24 packets.

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