Sunday, November 8, 2009

CVS Trip- FREE Claritin!

So I think I am allergic to Florida. If it weren't for the beaches, this place would not be any fun at all. And this Claritin is for me, not my kids! I hope it will still work. Anyway, it was a great shopping trip at CVS because no one was there and I didn't have to buy too much stuff. What was not so great was losing my $3 ECBs from last week somewhere in the bottom of my bag. I really need to get a hold of my coupons!

I got $1 ECB from using the green tag today! This is a new thing they have at CVS. It looks like a green leaf and costs $1. Everytime you shop at CVS, have them scan it after they scan the items. Then on the 4th trip, you'll get $1 ECB back! It can only be scanned once a day. For me, this means $1 per month since I only shop at CVS once a week. But it's still worth it because it's FREE money.

The deals are posted here but I thought it might help someone if I break down my transactions here:
First transaction:
Nova Max Glucose Monitor, Buy at $9.99=Get$9.99 ECB
2 Claritin Chew Buy $20/2=Get $10 ECB
Halloween candy (filler item by register) $0.06
Gave them $4 off $20 card from Season to Save first
-$3x2 Claritin Q (print 2x after survey)
-$5 off $30 CVS Q (a new survey!)
Paid $19.05, Got $9.99, $10 ECB, $4 ECB

(Food Banks collect Glucose Monitors too! I bought it since it's FREE after ECBs. And it will be donated right away. That's another way to give back!)

Second Transaction:
2 Duracell AA 16-pack batteries, $10 x 2
2 GE Cashew, $0.99 x 2 (FREE after Q)
Gave them $4 off $20 card from Season to Save first-$1 Duracell Q-
-$2 off 2 GE Nuts (from price scanner)
-$10 ECB from 1st trans.
-$8.99 ECBs from 1st trans.
Paid $1.37 for Tax! Got $10 off UP DVD & $4 ECBs

The $9.99 ECBs was priced down to $8.99. I should have taken off the Duracell Q instead. So if they say, "I have to lower the value of this ECB coupon", and you'd rather not, take one of the Manuf Qs off instead.)

Third Transaction
Earrinse, Buy at $7.99= Get $7.99 ECB
-$4 ECB from Season to Save $4 off $20 card
-$3.99 ECB (priced down from $4.00)
Paid $0! Got $7.99 & $4 back.

I also bought a newspaper at $1.50 and returned a Reinventing Beauty magazine that had expired coupons.

Total Paid $21, Got $12 ECBs & $10 off UP DVD.

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