Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cook Turkey in 1.5 Hours!

Apparently, some Wal-Mart stores ran out of turkeys yesterday. If you were lucky enough to buy extras when they had them on sale for $0.40/lb, hold on to yours because they may not get any more for a few days. If I had known that there would be a turkey shortage, I would have bought more earlier. For lean meat, you can't beat this price.
Here is a tip for cooking a turkey quickly. If you cut up a turkey, like you would for chicken, it cooks in less than half the time. I used kitchen scissors to make things easier. Our turkey was 20 lbs and cooked in an hour and a half. The night before, I soaked the whole turkey in a brine solution (water plus lots of salt- about half a cup). Then I roasted the thighs, legs and wings at 325 degrees.
The turkey breast went into the slowcooker with an inch of water for about 3 hours. One half was sliced for sandwiches and the other half cubed for salads and casseroles. The back and neck went into another slowcooker for making broth.
When I cooked this turkey a couple weeks ago, I used all convenient foods for sides: Stovetop stuffing, Betty Crocker potatoes, and Steam Fresh green beans. For Thanksgiving, I made these from scratch. But I am looking forward to whipping out the box versions sometime next month when I'm in a cooking time crunch. It's cheaper than take-out, right!

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