Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday Oct 5

Menus are often the sort to make one feel grown-up and organized. Even if it is very rarely followed. (Note to self- Print out a copy and post it on the fridge!) I did manage to make the White Chicken Chili from the freezer. It was yummy. The seasoning packet is nowhere to be found (neither Winn-Dixie not Wal-mart carry it.) So instead I added a jar of Hormel's ready made version. It added just the right amount of fire so the kids were able to eat without saying It's Hot all through dinner.

This week's menu is easy. We have a ton of freezer meals left. View other menus at Orgjunkie. And freezer recipes at Once a Month Mom.

Cereal and blueberries
Yogurt Smoothie and waffles
French toast and strawberry syrup
Sweet Rolls ($0.50 at Publix w/ this Q)
Granola Bars and yogurt (on-the-go)

Tacos (daughter's request)
Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches
Mexican Cornbread
Fried Rice
Mc Donalds (we won two 52 Extra Value Meals!)

Baked Ziti
Carole's Chili
Breakfast for Dinner
Freezer Beef Stew
Pulled Pork with Rice

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