Monday, October 5, 2009

CVS Deals & Shopping October 4

I stopped by CVS tonight and bought a few items. You will notice that I bought the small Edy's Maxx ($2.50 each) instead of the half gallon Edy's ($3.50). Ice cream in big containers means big trouble for me. You could also get Lean Pockets or Stouffers for this deal.

First Transaction:
(Buy $10 Get $5 ECBs)
4 Edy's Maxx, $2.50 each
Paid $10 Got $5 ECBs

For this 2nd transaction, the deal was Buy $20 Get $10. (There are lots of these promos this week for Dove, Boost, and Meds.) But since I had the flu survey coupon, I needed to buy $25 to get $5 off. And I also had coupons from the price scanner for $2 ECBs and $2 off Pain Relievers. So I maxed out these coupons with the transaction below. I paid $12.38 but got $10 ECBs back. Sometimes I have to make quick changes in my shopping plan when I get coupons from the price scanner. In this case it was worth it to buy almost $10 more than what I needed for the deal because I had more coupons to use. And there was no added tax, maybe because these were all medicine.

Second Transaction:
(Buy $20 Get $10)
Zyrtec, $19
Motrin, $8
CVS IBuprofen 10 piece, $1.89
Advil 4 piece, $0.99 (travel size section)
(Subtotal $29.87)

-$5 of $25 from CVS Flu Survey
-$2 FREE ECBs printed from price scanner today
-$2 of $10 pain reliever, from scanner last week
-$2 off Zrytec (peel-off coupon found at Walgreens)
-$1 Motrin (also in 10-4-9 newspaper)
-$5 ECB from Edy's Maxx (1st transaction)
(Total coupons: 17)

Paid $12.38 Got $10 ECBs!

Check out other deals like these at MSM and find all the coupon match-ups too:
Buy $20 Get $10 for these-
Boost (limit 1)
Benefiber, Gas X, Maalox (limit 2)
Dove or Degree (limit 1)

Buy $10 Get $5 for these
Nestle Products (limit 1)
St. Ives and Nivea (limit 1)

UPDATE: It's being reported that the $1 Revlon Q is beeping and not working.
The CVS Challenge is to see how far $5 will get you at CVS with up to 3 Transactions.
Here are the deals for the scenarios:
$3.99 Revlon Nail Color, get $3 ECB
$2.99 Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste, get $2 ECB
$2.49 Secret Deodorant, get $1 ECB

$1.88 Tone 2 or 3 bar pack, get $1 ECB
BOGO Frutopia or Viologie, 2/$3.49

First Transaction
1 Colgate Total Advanced, $2.99
1 Revlon Nail Color, $3.99
-$1 Revlon
-$1 Colgate
Pay $4.98, Get $5 ECB

Second Transaction
2 Viologie, $3.49
Candy filler, $0.51
-$2x2 Viologie CVS Q
from Reinventing Beauty Mag (only at CVS)
Pay $0! They might have to price the coupon down. In this case, there is no need for the candy filler item.

Third Transaction
1 Secret, $2.49
1 Tone bar soap, $1.88
Candy filler $0.73
-$1 Secret from Oct Marie Claire or PG Year of Savings
-$1 Tone
print here
-$3 ECB from Revlon

Pay $o! Get $2 ECB back

Total spent: $4.98, with $4 ECBs remaining

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  1. Wow - you're good. I was under $15 this week. Next week my goal is under $10.


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