Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Super Shopping October 20

I will not kid you, I am enjoying not rushing to the computer to blog all the deals every Weds. But in case you miss them, check out I Heart Publix. Here is her preview for deals starting tomorrow. (WIC Cereal- BOGO Post Honey Bunches and BOGO Ritz- plus qualifies for $10 Rebate.)

Tuesday was the last day for this week's Publix deals. My total came to $23.60 (before coupons would be $85.83)

Reeses was BOGO at $5.99 and I had a B2G1 coupon. The manager told me that I pay for 2 and get 4 FREE with the coupon. So that's $12 for 6 bags of Reeses. The Nestle was also BOGOat $5.99 and I had two $2 Print Q from here. So in all, 8 bags for $14. This should get us ready for Halloween.

Then I just spent $10 for everything else. I see Ronzoni on BOGO sale often and the $1 off 2 coupon always resets for it. I've been stocking up since it's only $0.40 per box and tastes pretty good for a whole grain blend. The veggies also came to $0.40 each after coupons. I never bothered with steam-in-bag veggies before these and I am a convert. It really works great for dinner in a rush! The pears were $0.44/lb and I'll make this Upside Down Pear recipe for it. Plus a dear friend reminded me that fruit is great for fiber (which is better than eating a granola bar). The Strudels were $0.67 after coupons and will be great for dessert. Lastly, the Old El Paso Sesoning were BOGO. There's always peelies for FREE seasoning when you buy 2 products (these are on the box of tacos but can be used to buy 2 seasoning). I also had $1 off 3 coupon. So I paid $0.28 for 3. I should have grabbed another one since with a FREE coupon, that meant 2 free. But ten-cent seasoning is already good.

Go here to MSM to see all the other deals. This page will also update new Wags deals.

As I mentioned, the Publix off Brent and Mobile is across the street from Walgreens. So I stopped by there after Publix and bought the above.

The Triaminic is on sale: Buy 3 at $4.99 each and get $8 RR. There's a $2 Q from the Walgreens Healthy Savings Booklet. (These were up front below the Wags weekly ad). I didn't know this, but I let the cashier scan this $2 Q still in the booklet (instead of tearing it off). And I got to keep the coupon. Great, because I'm getting more. They had a bunch left of strips and syrup medicine. We are stocked up on the Theraflu (part of the deal and also with $2 Q in the same booklet). So now we'll stock up on kid medicine.

Heads up too, Vaseline Sheer Infusion, EmergenC, Halls Refresh, Dentek floss are still all on sale and FREE after RRs. This week, Zantac 30 or 24 is $8.99 get $8.99 RR. Also FREE after RR. BUT the Dentek pick floss I bought above is NOT on sale and did not generate RRs. I bought the Peanuts booklets to have enough items for the number of coupons. They are NOT the ones on sale for $0.39 with the in-ad Q. So looks like I have some returns to do. No biggie.

I spent $5 and got $16 RRs back. And after the returns, should get $4.79 in refunds. I hope you will have a chance to take advantage of all this free stuff. In case you have to drive far to get to a Walgreens, though, I suggest calling first to ask if they are stocked with the items you want. In fact we have a mini phonebook in the car in case we need to do some research. Nothing can quench the frugal spirit like frustration!

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