Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walgreens Shopping

I almost forgot I had $5.50 RR expiring today. A quick stop (15 minutes) at Walgreens fixed that! I spent $4.65 but got $14 RRs back (plus $2RR leftover). This Walgreens restocked their Gillette and Vaseline (Fairfield store). So you can still get in on this deal now and through the end of the month. Please call the store first if you are going elsewhere. This short research can keep frustration at bay.

First Transaction:
$8.99 Gillette MVP
-$4 Gillette Q
$6.99 Vaseline Sheer Infusion
-$1.50 Vaseline Q
$0.45 Five seed packets (fillers)
-$11 RRs from last week
Total: $3.13 (Tax is $1.20)
Got $13 RRs back

Second Transaction:
$6.99 Vaseline
-$6 RR (from Gillette)
Total: $1.52 (Tax is $0.53)
Got $7 RR back

These are monthly RR deals that I know are working:
$6.99 Vaseline Sheer Infusion, Get $7 (use $1.50 Q if available)
$3.49 Emergen-C Immune or Energy, Get $3.49
$2 Dentek floss, Get $2 RRs
$8.99 Gillette MVP, Get $6 RR (use $4 Q to make this FREE)
$10 Quaker, Get $5 RRs

For Newbies:
Register Rewards are treated as manufacturer's coupon (MQ). You are only allowed 1 MQ per item. I only wanted the razor and lotion but I had 6 MQs to use (Gillete, Vaseline and 4 RR Qs). For 6 MQs, I need 6 items (the razor and lotion plus 4 fillers). So I went to the clearance section- the endcap facing the body wash in the back wall- and found seeds are 90% off down to $0.09. These were the cheapest filler items and also something I can use! If I had bought an extra seed packet, I would have been able to use the $2 leftover RR but my subtotal before tax was only $1.93.

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