Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cheap Crackers at Publix with $10 Rebate

Starting tomorrow, Publix will have Ritz crackers BOGO (2 for $3.49). If you submit to this Kraft Rebate, you'll get $10 back. Thanks for the heads up, I Heart Publix!

Buy 10 Ritz Crackers
Pay $17.45
Get $10 from Rebate
So, only $7.45 for 10 or $0.70 each

If you happen to have five- $1 off 2 coupons:
After Rebate, it's only $2.45 for 10 boxes or $0.24 each!

You can find the coupons on the same page as the rebate or use the ones from the Nabisco calendar booklet below. (Which, by the way, is again available here. Thanks Hip 2 Save!)

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