Monday, October 5, 2009

$5 off $25 at Family Dollar

If you have a Family Dollar, check out their sales ad through Oct 7. The Family Dollar sales ad I have also had a $5 off $25 coupon. (You can also see it online but this doesn't have the $5 off coupon.) Lots of the deals can be price-matched at Wal-Mart or Target. I had a little fun with it and came up with a scenario for 10 Mr. Clean cleaners for $3. This is a perfect scenario for those who have a ton of coupons or belong to a coupon swap. This deal is good only through Tuesday.

Mr. Clean Liquid or Spray, $2.50 each
Buy 5 Liquid 40 oz
Buy 5 Spray 34 oz
Subtotal: $25
-$12.50 (5 Buy Liq Get FREE Spray)
-$4.50 (5- $0.75 Liq Q)
-$5 off $25
Total coupons: $22
Pay $3 for 10 or $0.30 each!

If your store lets you use 10 $0.75 coupons and 5 BOGO coupons then you can get 10 FREE Mr. Clean products!

This is a cute Youtube Video for Retro Mr. Clean.

Other deals available:
$1.75 Chips Ahoy, Oreo Cookies
-$0.55 off 2 Nabisco cookies from $55 year of savings
$1.75 Hawaiian Punch, Keebler Rainbow Chips
$2.50 Doritos
$2 Dinty Moore Microwave Meals
$1.50 Campbells Chunky Soup
$2 Ajax or Palmolive 34 oz (-$1 Print)
$2 Hormel Compleats
-$2 from All You Oct issue or $0.75 Q from 8-16 SS
$3 Scope Bonus Pack 1 L
-$0.75 Q from 9-27 PG
$3 Dove Body Wash
-$1.25 Dove Q from 10-4 RP (regional Q)
$2.50 Mr. Clean Spray or Liq
-BOGO Q from 9-27 PG or -$0.75 from mailer

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