Sunday, October 25, 2009

How I Find Drugstore Deals

Every Saturday and Sunday, I check out the deals posted on my favorite blogs and also in the newspaper sales ads. I write down my shopping list in my notebook. Then during the week, when it's time for me to go shopping, I check those blogs again to see the coupon match-up and deal updates. This way I never do the deal searching by myself. I use the wealth of time and resources of the couponing community found in these bolgsites. It used to take me a whole day to figure out the CVS and Walgreens deals before we had internet. (I did this for two years!)That's why I usually don't post deals myself as much. If I do find something myself, like from my own shopping trips, then I do my best to take a picture and pass that info on to you. Why reinvent the wheel?

These are my fave sites for Sunday deals:
Money Saving Mom
Hip to Save
The Thrifty Mama
(I check others too but these are my faves.)

View the ads here:
These I Heart sites have the ad scans at least a week early! Plus, lots of coupon match-ups.

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