Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My son turned 5 today! Yay. As he opened each giftwrapped present, he yelled, "WOW!" with such pure excitement. This is a sweet age. His presents were very simple, mostly clearance finds or bought with coupons. I hope he will always have this WOW every birthday. It makes giving so much more fun.

I baked him this Kung Fu Panda cake. That's supposed to be him posing with the great panda. My drawing is better on paper! He didn't mind at all. His sister insisted that he wore his Panda shirt. To which he complained that she's not the boss of him. But I replied that he'd match his cake better that way. "Oh" was his only response to me. His surprise was that the movie was one of his presents. "WOW!" We'll watch it tonight as a family movie.

Last week, I broke down and bought Wilton's icing colors 8 for $9 and cake flour for $2.40.Both icing and cake were made from scratch. It was very time consuming! Plus I don't think I want to be reminded how much butter (3 sticks) and sugar (2 c white, 8 c powder) goes into the cake and icing. Ignorant bliss is better than homemade for me in this case. Oh, but let them eat cake! And we did, for breakfast and maybe for dinner.

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  1. Hannah's birthday is also today! Cool! You did an awesome job on the cake! I'm glad he had a good time.


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