Sunday, October 11, 2009

CVS Deals & Shopping October 11

I spent only $2.87 and got $1.99 ECBs back...
but that's because I only bought 3 things:

$1.99 Carving Tool, get $1.99 ECB
$0.44 Brach's candy corn
$0.44 Brach's autumn mix

All these are on sale til Tuesday, no ECBs after that.
(I didn't find the treat bag for $0.99, get $0.99 ECB)

Also, these are nice deals:
Buy $20 Halloween candy, get $5 ECBs
Buy $15 Energizer, get $5 ECBs (use $1 Q from last week)
*Also, if pink batteries are part of the deal, submit for a free journal.
Buy $15 Kraft products, get $5 ECBs
Use coupons, and though not free, it will be better than Wal-Mart!

Check out Money Saving Mom for coupon match-ups and other great deals.

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