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Super Shopping Oct 7

I admit, I am no superwoman. Between finding, posting, shopping for deals, I find it impossible to NOT get tired. (That's why I've been posting a lot less recently. By the time I have downtime to sit and type at the computer, my brain is fried or I am snoozing on the couch for a "power nap".)

But I'd have to say, for a brief moment on Wednesday, I felt quite accomplished. First of all, we went to the beach in the morning. (A rarity this summer, as fall is still nowhere to be found. With the humidity and scorching heat, beach time was no time.) Then we hit Winn-Dixie, the Food Bank, Publix, Walgreens, and Wal-Mart. On the promise of no-more-shopping-until-Sunday, my sweet husband was eager to help plan and do the shopping with me. For me, the hardest part is the anxiety of buying too much because it's on sale. I've wasted a lot before my frugal days and have a packrat gene that needs reversing. So when I have my husband's ear and can talk through what I want vs. what we need to buy, then I don't freak out.

If you have EBT and plan to use a TON of coupons, please do better about remembering this than I am, do not buy food and non-food items together then use your EBT card. The coupons all get deducted from your EBT total. I didn't realize the Halls were not EBT items and had an awful mix-up later the manager had to fix. (So the Halls coupon got deducted from the food total instead of the price for Halls.) In the process, though, I learned that in Florida, if you have a BOGO coupon for an item on sale for BOGO, you pay for 1 and get 3 FREE. Just trust me on that one as I now trust the manager.

I bought the Scrubbing Bubbles ($3.50) for the SC Johnson Rebate. (Buy 3 get $5 back.) I bought these in Orange Beach on Tuesday because in AL you pay half price instead of buy one get one free. So you can buy three or just one instead of in even numbers. The rest were from Weds deals (paid $2.15):
BOGO Halls, $1.99 (I had BOGO Halls Refresh coupons from Winn-Dixie last month)
BOGO Fiber One Toaster Pastries, $2.29 (Free bag w/ 2 General Mills with coupon)
BOGO Fiber One Yogurt, $2.50 (BOGO coupons from Fiber One cereal from Target- I saw the same on Fiber One bars at Wal-Mart. Also used $1 Q last week.)

At Walgreens, the items below are running Register Rewards (RR) all month, as many blogs have reported. So if you a can find these, they are still on sale. But the Oral B toothbrush and Theraflu were not on sale at my store. So when the price rang up higher, I voided the sale and didn't get to see if the RR coupons would still print. The Dentek and Emergen-C worked fine. So even if these are not in the sales flyer this week, you can still get them FREE after RRs. And I bought more oatmeal because they are buy $10 get $5 RR. It's 4 for $10 to start and comes out to 4 for $5 after the RR. Not bad for digestive help. It's a quick morning investment. Although watch out- it's loaded with sugar!

Winn-Dixie was an interesting trip. They had BOGO cereal and so I bought WIC there: Spcial K, Instant Grits and Rice Krispies. I'm still on the old WIC checks so if you are getting new WIC items, please let me know when you find BOGO WIC deals. I also found this 3lb ground beef roll for $1.99. Yes, that's a great deal but didn't ring up right. The customer service (CS) clerk insisted that the price was for the 1-lb chuck roll. And I misread the sign. So after I finished paying for a gallon of OJ $1.50 on clearance, guess where I went. Back up to the section for the roll of beef. I saw the sign, pulled it off and brought it back to the CS desk. See, I wasn't imagining things. It said $1.99 for 3-lb roll. (I almost said, I even took a picture of it!) After I looked through the sales ad, it turns out it was supposed to be $1.99 per pound, a misprint in the label. So, sorry folks, but that sign is not going back up. But it goes to show you, trusting yourself pays off.

We went home for lunch after Winn-Dixie and ate Nachos. I bought most ingredients from that Winn-Dixie trip (Perdido store.)
Tostito Dips, 3 for $11 (there is a Buy 2 dips Get FREE chips Q there)
Tostitos Chips, FREE
Green Avocado, $0.99
Romaine lettuce, $0.99 (as are red and iceberg)

This recipe uses fat-free yogurt instead of sour cream. I also had one tomato left from Taco night. Instead of refried beans, I used the Tostitos bean dip. So this recipe was super easy to assemble. And the hint of lime was a pleasant addition.

This is a budget meal of $3.50 since I didn't use more than half of each item and the chips were free. We all enjoyed this easy lunch.

And here is my Wal-Mart price match trip:

$0.99/lb split chicken breast (Barnes)
$0.99/lb bone-in porkchops (Food World)
$0.79 celery stalk (Barnes)
3lbs for $1 sweet potatoes (Barnes)
The batteries are regularly $0.99 each for the cheaper Rayovac. I spent about $24 for all of these. And if you want to do these deals, they're good through Tuesday.

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  1. Are you allowed to use FL WIC checks in AL? I live right by you in Navy Point. I just looked up the Publix in Orange Beach and its about 30 min, so are there any other grocery stores that make it worth while over there? Do you get the newspaper from Foley to get the sale inserts? Every time I go to Publix on 9 mile, they tell my different wether you get B1G1 on WIC items. I know which casheir to go to now. The Target next door let me use B1G1 w/ B1G1 coupon = 2 free on canned dog food before.

  2. I tried to get WIC in AL and they said NO, only in FL. Publix on Mobile Hwy has let me do BOGO on WIC (but I usually get WIC at Winn-Dixie for some reason)

    I go to OB Publix because they have LOTS of coupons that are high value. Plus, instead of BOGO, you can buy just ONE because it's half price. So if I only want one or 3 I can get it in there. But I've had bad issues with them lately (they no longer consider CVS or Rite Aid as competitors so you can't use the $5 off $25 coupons from drugstores).

    I also like going there when we have time to go to the beach (or fishing at the bridge) and the awesome kids park. It's fun and wears out the kids.

    Hope that helps!


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