Sunday, October 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday Oct 12

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Food was more fun this week. Tacos were a hit and so was the beef stew. Plus a new permanent addition... Sunday slow cooker lunch! What a treat it was to come home from church and immediately serve lunch. With nothing to reheat in the microwave or cook in the stove, it was a very relaxing lunch. Sunday lunch will probably be some version of chicken broccoli casserole, per my daughter's request.

This week, I'm not so sure what to make but a plan is better than winging it. Plus, I've also found that when we are all home, it 's nice to have a bigger breakfast and just a light supper. Some nights I even just let the kids have cereal, if they've already eaten well during the day. They get to bed much sooner so hubs and I can enjoy dinner together. (I've combined this idea from 2 friends' advice, I'm glad I found something that works for me!)

Monday is my son's birthday, so, lots of sugar and presents!
Tuesday is a field trip, so, Mc Donald's for dinner.

Waffles with peach compote
Beef Fried Rice
Cheesy Grits
Eggs and Toast
Spaghetti cupcakes*
Spaghetti cupcakes*
(This is just Grands biscuit, just half per muffin tin filled with cooked ground beef and spaghetti sauce, topped with cheese. It's so simple, yummy, can be frozen and reheated in the microwave in seconds.)

Something with cake and ice cream!
Mexican Cornbread
French Toast
Homemade Mac and Cheese
Black Beans and Rice
Crockpot Chicken Broccoli

Cereal and yogurt
Happy Meals at Mc Donald's
White Chicken Chili

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