Monday, September 14, 2009

Wal-Mart Shopping and Price-Matches

Wal-Mart is still the best place to get produce. I price-match the best sales from area stores all at Wal-Mart. Even though Target also price-matches now, it is harder to do for produce. And since ours is a Mini-Super Target, the selection is very limited and you have to price-match even the vegetable brand name. So it is better to stick to Wal-Mart for now.

If you prefer to shop elsewhere because you don’t like being at Wal-Mart, produce is usually very cheap at the Grocery Outlet off Fairfield Ave in Pensacola. Just remember they add a surcharge of 10% and only meats and produce are reasonably priced. Other items are expensive, so only perimeter shop.

I spent $54.25 on food and 4 Glade products and bought my kids 2 tennis shoes for $9 each. Most of them were price-match items but some were full-price or bought with coupons. If you want, you can still price-match these food items through Tuesday.
If the price has a letter in front of it, then it was price-matched at these stores: B=Barnes, WD=Winn-Dixie, P=Publix, F=Food World. Wags=Walgreens

This picture shows half the amount of produce I bought (mainly because I want to show what kind is on sale and I didn’t have the counter space to put everything!)

$1 each, Muscadune black and green grapes
(these wild grapes are on sale from $4)
$2 Yoplait Delights (these are so good! Use $1 off 1Q)
$0.98/lb nectarines (also peaches)
F $1/lb green grapes
F $1 broccoli bunch
F $1/lb Granny Smith apples (also red)
F $1 iceberg lettuce
F $1 baby cut carrots, 1 lb
B $0.50 each green pepper
$0.98/lb vine-ripe tomatoes (only on sale Sat-Sunday)
$4.50 Glade Fragrance Collection diffuser or 3 wick candle (use $3 Q)
$2.97 Glade mini candle (use $3 Q)
*Glade3 wick candles are also on sale at Publix, Target for $4.50 and Walgreens (after Register Rewards only $1). Publix in Orange Beach has coupon booklet below for $3 off Glade candle (Coupon was good only for Publix, but they let me use it at Wal-Mart this time.)

These items are on sale and have Print Qs available:
WD $1.25 Pillsbury Grands (sign-up to get
$1 off 2 Q)
B $1.50 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls and Crescent Rolls
(sign-up to get $
1 off 2 Q or print $1 off 1 Q)
B $1 Old El Paso Taco shells or Tortillas (
$0.60 off 2)
Wags $2.50 Honey Bunches of Oats (
$2 off 1 Q)

These items are Great Value (Wal-Mart brand) prices:
$1.88 Butter, 4 quarters
$1.54 Cream of Mushroom soup
$0.98 great northern beans, 1lb
$0.94 lentils, 1 lb
$1.24 oatmeal, quick cook and regular oats, smaller container

Thanks to MSM and Hip2Save for the coupon links

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