Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Super Shopping Wal-Mart, Aug 31

After Walgreens. I went by Wal-Mart to use up expiring manufacturer's coupons. Sometimes it really pays to keep coupons in case you find a deal, like the Glade Soy Candle. When Glade first came out with these, I would have gotten them for free but my printer was out of ink so I couldn't print the coupons needed for the deal. This was at least 4 months ago. Now I have two, one from CVS and another from Wal-Mart. I've forgotten how calming it is to have candles burning around the house, especially at night when the kids are fast asleep. We used to get free Home Interiors Candles from my mother-in-laws friend but she's not in the business anymore. So these are certainly nice to have, especially for free.
Here is what I bought last night:

6 Off Active Spray by the cash registers
$2.92 each, used $2 Q

3 Kashi Pizza
$4.50 each, used $3 Q
(I forgot about these Q's until I saw this post)

Glade Soy Candle
$4.50, used $4 Q
(go here for $3 Q's. Type zip 23225 if you don't see it.)

Mc Cormick Spices
$4.76, used three $1Q

Cost before savings: $40.40
Total Out-of-Pocket: $11.69
Saved 71%

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