Sunday, August 30, 2009

Super Shopping at CVS 8-30

After Church, I did my usual CVS run. And still no luck on the missing Aveeno products. The cashier told me that the manager can pull the video and see what just might have happened. A part of me is happy to hear and another is apprehensive. What if I am as absent-minded as I suspect and ended up taking it home and somehow lost it here in plain sight. But I'm not going to worry about that right now.

CVS is pretty well-stocked today so you can easily do these deals too. If they are sparse, remember to ask for a raincheck and when the truck will come in to restock. Here is the breakdown of the shopping trip:

*The sale prices are listed here & in my shopping plan.

First Transaction:

1 Lora Boone Cookies, 4 Fig Newton
Used $2 Q so paid $0.40each, got $1 ECB

2 Planter's Peanuts
Used $1 Q so paid $2.50 each, got 2 ECBs

2 Welch's Jelly
Used $1.50 Q so paid $1.25 each, got $2 ECBs

3 Progresso Soup
Paid $2 each, got $2 ECBs

2 Planter's Trail Mix
Used $1 q, paid $2.20 each
*will return this, it's the CVS brand on sale for 2/$3

2 V8 Splash
Paid $2.99 each, got $2 ECBs

Subtotal is $35
-$5 off $25 Q from CVS survey
-$6.17 manuf Q
Paid $23.88 OOP and get $9 ECB back

Second Transaction:

Glade Soy Candle, 10 oz
Used $4 Q so paid $2.99, got $6.99 ECB

Bounce Dryer Bar, $3.99
Use $2.50 manuf Q from Vocal Point- didn't work
*will have to return it

Softsoap Ensembles Pump and Refill , Paid $3
Used $2 CVS Q and FREE refill peelie Q on pump
*I told the cashier the refill was $0.99 twice but she said $3.99. And she couldn't take my other $3 off 2 Q so I just left it alone.

SoftSoap Serum, $4.69 (forgot the $1 Q in today's paper!)
Used $1.50 Q, paid $3.19, got $2 ECB

Johnson Soft Lotion, $5.99
Used $3 Q, paid $3, got $2 ECB

Listerine Cool Agent Blue
Paid $1.47 since I forgot the $1Q

Newspaper, had 3 coupon inserts! Paid $1.50

Bath sponge, donated to new Navy ship fundraiser
Paid $1.99 (I used ECBs to donate!)

Subtotal is $34
-$14.50 Qs
-$11 ECBs

Paid $4.11 plus $2.52 tax, Got $12 ECB

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