Saturday, September 5, 2009

More Target Savings

Another trip at Target.

I finally tried Price-Matching at Target. And it worked! Since Target has deals like FREE Milk or $5 Gift Cards when you purchase certain items, you can really lower your out-of-pocket costs by price-matching. I bought Nutrigrain for $2, Dollar General's price, instead of the Target price $2.39 and paid $6 for 4 boxes of Nutrigrain and 2 gallons milk. I used $0.50 off Kellogg's Snacks *target Q) since it is expiring today. The only thing they asked me was if I had the full copy of the ad. Yay!

And since KMart has Penzoil for 5 quarts for $11 through today(and Target's is $3.47 each) I'll also price-match there. That way I can use the Target gift cards I got yesterday to pay for them. There is also a Rebate form available... I'll have to get it to you later!
UPDATE: I did get the Penzoil: $4 went to the gift card and I paid $7 OOP. So when I get the $5 Rebate back, it is only $2 for 5 quarts of oil!

I bought these for the Nabisco Rebate. I was so glad they had this particular Capri Sun. This is my kid's on-the-go drink. Not the healthiest but at least this kind is 100% juice and only $1.97 each.

I didn't know this but if your kids are buckled in their seatbelts when you check-out, the cashier will give them this dog sticker and it's good for FREE Popcorn! This was a well-deserved treat for my kiddos who were super behaved at the store today. I usually don't take them with me but now that they know there may be popcorn at the end of the trip, they may keep trying to behave at Target.

I got the Tide and Bounce for $0.79 each. Marketing departments try very hard to get consumers to purchase their new products so we may see more deals on these for a while. I remember when All came out with Small and Mighty. I was able to snag a few of those for almost free. See, buying brand name can sometimes save you even more money! I used my Target Gift Cards to pay for these and Glade candles. I had two $3 printables for those so they were only $2.98.
How about you? Have you been to Target this week?

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