Sunday, July 5, 2009

CVS Super Shopping 7/5

We already went to CVS this morning. And I must say, I was very glad that our 40-minute shopping went well. With 2 kids and hubby in training for CVS shopping, we were able to get everything on the shopping plan and squeeze in time to check our blood pressure by the pharmacy. It was low for both he and I. So that must mean he was really getting along fine and me too!

Some acronyms: OOP-out of pocket; ECB- Extra Care Bucks; Q- coupon

The Summary:
Cost of goods before coupons: $64.44
Total OOP: $1.76 (tax is $1.53)
Total Grocery Purchase using EBT card: $21.24
Received $30.33 ECBs!

We bought everything from the list plus extras:
- 2 pencil pack and 1 sharpener
$4.47- 3 rolls of tape
$0.89 pantiliner
$1- 2 Dawn dish soap.
Used 2- $0.50 Q from this coupon booklet
$11.50- Febreze.
(bought 2 Refreshers, 2 Air Effects, 1 Noticeables)
Used $4 Q, two FREE Air Effects Q (from PG booklet this Sunday), two $0.50 Q from this coupon booklet
$2.49- Colgate Total. Used $1 Q from "junk mail" Smart Source
$3- two Sunday papers (already paid for itself with $13 worth of coupons in it we used today for the Febreze items)
FREE Burt Bees Lip Balm ($2.99 but used a FREE Coupon from last month's giveaway)
$0.89 two candy items for fillers

Subtotal $43.20 before coupons and ECBs
-Used $22.98 ECBs
-Used $19.99 Manufacturer's coupons
OOP: $0.23 + $1.53 Tax
Got $21.33 EBCs for next week!

We bought these with the EBT card:
3 Trail Mix Crunch (3 for $10, get $5 ECBs)
2 Hellmann's Mayo (2 for $6, get $2 ECBs)
Lipton Iced Tea ($5.99, get $2 ECBs)
-$0.75 Lipton Q (the only Q I have for this transaction!)
Total EBT: $21.24, Got $9 ECBs

The Trail Mix Crunch was a smaller box but weighs more than Honey Bunches of Oats! When we got home, I found $2 off coupon for this that I misplaced. I have so many coupons and just got out of the habit of putting them away for a few weeks and now they're a mess! Goes to show how important it is to be organized, especially if it means saving money.

You can still print the Trail Mix Crunch $2 off coupon. Hit the back button a few times and it will reprint a second coupon. If you can get to another computer for a 3rd coupon, buying 3 cereal will make you a $1 profit! Thanks Mummy Deals for the heads up!

Here is that deal scenario:
Buy 3 Trail mix Crunch (deal: 3 for $10, get $5 ECB)
Use (3) $2 off 1 Print Coupons
Pay $4 OOP. Get $5 ECBs back. Make $1 profit!

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