Saturday, July 4, 2009

CVS Shopping Plan 7/5

View the weekly ad from the CVS Website starting Sunday or I Heart CVS for the ad scan and coupon match-ups. Plus, don't forget that Extra Bucks earned from last quarter will start printing as of July 1st. Call 1-800-SHOP CVS (746-7287) to find how much you earned!

CVS is starting early with back-to-school bargains. I have $23 ECBs burning a hole in my wallet so we are definitely going to max out all the store limits on the FREE after ECB deals!

Here is my proposed shopping plan. (Should the items be out-of-stock, I'm glad they'll issue rainchecks. I didn't learn that until very recently.)

These are some deals I like:
1. Buy 1 CVS or Caliber pencil or sharpener for $0.99, get $0.99 ECB. Limit 3 (FREE after ECB)
2. Buy 1 CVS or Caliber tape for $1.49, get $1.49 ECB. Limit 3. Sunday and Monday only. (FREE after ECB)
3. Buy CVS Pantiliner for $0.89, get $0.89 ECB. Limit 1. (FREE after ECB)
4. Buy 2/$2 Dawn, get $1 ECB. No limit! (FREE after ECB and 2 -$0.50 Q from Home Made Simple booklet)
5. Buy $10 Febreze, get $5 ECB. Limit 5. (only $5 before coupons)
6. Buy 1 Colgate Total Toothpaste for $3.49, get $2. Limit 1. ($0.49 after ECB and $1 Q)

Here is what I will buy using what coupons: (#s correspond with above deals)
1. $2.97- Buy 1 pencil pack and 2 shapener.
2. $4.47- Buy 3 rolls of invisible tape.
3. $0.89- Buy pantyliner.
4. $1- Buy 2 Dawn. Use 2- $0.50 Q
5. $11.50- Febreze* see scenario
6. $2.49- Buy 1 Colgate Total. Use $1 Q

$23.32 Subtotal -$23 ECBs = $0.32 + Tax!
And get $21.33 ECBs!!!

*Febreze Scenario:
Buy 2 Air Effects, $3 each
Buy2 Refresher Spray, $5 each
Buy 1 Noticeables, $6.50
Use two Q: Buy Refresher get Air Effects FREE
Use two -$0.50 Q for Refresher
Use -$4 off 1 Q for Noticeables
Subtotal: Spend $22.50 - $11 Qs
= $11.50 OOP get $10 ECB
= $1.50 after ECB or $0.30 each!

I also have a coupon for a FREE Bayer's Breeze 2 Meter. In the CVS July Clipless Coupon Booklet, this meter is $19.99 get $5. So this is a $5 Money Maker! But the coupon says FREE "when you present your prescription". If they do not honor the coupon, since I don't have one, I will mail this coupon to my friend in Cali who can use it.

I am also planning an EBT purchase. I like shopping at Walgreens and CVS for my groceries because the prices are pretty competitive to Wal-Mart, when using coupons, of course. And since I'm using the EBT Card instead of my own cash, the ECBs and RRs I receive become FREE Money! Then I can buy toiletries and other non-food essentials with this. So I always try to have at least $10-$2o left over every month on the EBT card for these kinds of purchases.

If you or someone you know would like more info on how to maximize your EBT purchases, you can email me at (Write EBT Card Question on the subject line.)

Here is what I plan to buy with the EBT card:
3 Honey Bunches of Oats (3 for $10, get $5 ECBs)
2 Hellmann's Mayo (2 for $6, get $2 ECBs)
Lipton Iced Tea ($5.99, get $2 ECBs)
-$0.75 Lipton Q (the only Q I have for this transaction!)
Total EBT: $21.24, Get $9 ECBs

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