Sunday, July 26, 2009

CVS Super Shopping 7/26

My trip to CVS this morning took a tad longer than expected. But it was still great. I was able to use $10 off $50 coupon I got last week from the price scanner. So be sure to scan your CVS card there each time to visit the store. You never know what coupons you might get.

All in all, I spent: $18.21 on food and $0 on everything else! Plus, $24.81 ECBs. My total before coupons was $69. That's 74% savings before ECBs! *Note to Newbies: When I say FREE after ECBs (extra care bucks). the items are not really free until you spend the ECBs. So don't lose or forget them! And they expire in one month.

Also, if you are using an EBT to purchase food, you must show them all the other coupons, including ECBs, before using the EBT. I learned the hard way and the cashier had to void everything out and start over. The food coupon savings are also subtracted from the non-food. That's why my EBT total was higher.

Kashi deal: Buy 3 for $10, get $5 ECB
The CVS I visited did not have the TLC soft-baked cereal bars. So, instead, I bought 3 Autumn Harvest Cereal. I only had 2 $1.50 coupons but that still makes 3 Organic cereal boxes for $2!

Candy deal: Buy $15 candy, get $5 ECB
If you have a Publix nearby, check out their Smart Summertime Savings. Plenty of high value manufacturer's coupons as well as store coupons in here are still good through August 31st. I found $1 off Dentyne here. The $0.55 off Mentos was from the paper. It expires July 31 so make sure you use it by Friday. I know this is a lot of gum, but it helps me not eat too much junk food. Plus, after ECB, each candy is $0.36! Cheap antisuppressants.

School Supplies:
Except for the copy paper ($2.50 each after ECB), each item was $0.99 but FREE after ECBs
Toiletries and newspaper:
I saved 2 Dry Idea $2 coupons and had $1 CVS coupon for Lady Speedstick. Also, $2 off coupon for skin care printed in my receipt a couple of weeks ago. So I bought them and will donate them later. Softsoap Ensembles are also on sale. Buy the pump and get the base for $0.99. The Reinventing Beauty magazine has $2 off Ensembles and I had another $2 store coupon from my receipt. I stacked it with $3 manufacturer coupon from junk mail. So after coupons, both base and pump were only $2.

Need to buy:
There is a $1 coupon in the paper for Colgate toothpaste but not for toothbrush. Our region also did not get the $2 off Netrogena cosmetics. I could not figure out which Colgate was on sale so I ended up skipping it. And there is $2 off 2 BIC triumph print coupon. And my ECBs are expiring soon. So I'll go back to buy the Colgate and Bic plus some toilet paper.

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