Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sunday Reflections- Space to Grow

As I am writing this, it is only Saturday. I figure it may take me a couple of days to get my thoughts together since I have not written a post like this in a while. But my kids are taking a nap so I have a few moments of solitude to quietly ponder something besides dinner... stop! One of them just woke up! So much for serenity.

My daughter has lost her first tooth on Tuesday. She's 6 and feeling like a real big kid. It's more like a dream come true. She's wanted to lose a tooth since 4. Of course this did not come as a surprise. Her bottom front teeth have wiggled and got wiggled for a couple of weeks. And as they've done dental dance routines with the help of my anxious child, I started noticing a gap in her teeth.

Her soon to-be-replaced teeth started getting isolated from the others. The space started growing and now there is room for 4 baby teeth were there are only 2. And after one fell off, we could see the permanent teeth coming up behind it. Just the right size for the gap.

This started to make me think. The new teeth needed space to grow. Even when it was yet invisible and not a thought in my daughter's mind (all she's thinking is losing the one, not gaining another!), changes were taking place to accommodate the true accomplishment- getting permanent teeth!

How often do we spend so much more time pondering what we are about to lose? All the while, God is making room for us to grow. He is working mightily behind the scenes. If we stop and explore for a moment we might find evidence of that work right around us. In our fervor, we devote attention to the urgent and miss preparing for the remarkable.

I am really speaking to myself more than anyone else. As our family enters a new season, I find myself lost in all the changes. The familiar routine is greatly changing and all I want to do is hold on to whatever familiar is left. I haven't even given much thought to the positive things that these changes will have. So now that is said, that's what I plan to do today (Sunday).

*Note: As I write this morning, my daughter just lost her other tooth. She is elated and keeps looking at her mouth in the mirror!

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