Saturday, July 4, 2009

FREE Samples from PG Brand Saver!

Only the PG coupon booklet will be in the newspaper this Sunday. I am personally buying at least two since $55 worth of coupons will be in this insert. And I am still praying God will send KMart Doubles to Pensacola! So it's a good $2 investment for us.

However, should you refrain from coupon-mania and buy only one paper, you may still possess PG coupons by requesting some from the PG Everyday Solutions website. Free samples and coupons with P&GbrandSAMPLER™ -click this link to register and choose your samples.

This are some of their offerings this month:
Free Samples of Prilosec, Head and Shoulders and Tampax
FREE Coupons:
  • $1 off Aussie
  • $5 and $2 off PUR
  • $1.50 off Tide Stain Release
  • $7 off Crest Whitestrips
  • Metamucil coupon
  • Iams coupon

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