Sunday, July 5, 2009

All You Grocery Challenge

All You is by far my favorite magazine. It's more like an investment. Every issue is full of coupons, sometimes up to $100 of savings! So, it always, at least, pays for itself. Now they have added another fun challenge that has really caught my eye:
the All You Grocery Challenge

The challenge is to spend $25 per family member per week.(So, $100/week for a family of 4) Sign-up by July 12 here. Just make this budget work for 4 weeks (Jul 13-August 9) and you could win a year's worth of Knorr Sides, a $1000 gift card, and a chance to appear in All You! According to Erin at Coupon Cravings, 4000 people have already signed-up so far. They have also set-up a blog for news and comments at All You Grocery Challenge.

I am so excited about this! I know we can definitely spend less than $25 a person. And check out the guidelines and tips from the Thrifty Mama. It's ok to use your stockpile and barter! This will be really fun. If nothing else, we'll be spending less and saving more. Are you up for the challenge? Let me know in the comment section so we can do this together! Watch out for upcoming posts where I'll share our progress.

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