Monday, June 15, 2009

CVS Super Shopping

Sunday morning was a slow one for me. I always try to go to CVS after Church since it's only a couple of minutes away. But I had nursery duty! It was fine though. Those are the quietest 3 year olds I've ever seen. So it wasn't until late Sunday that I made it there. Good thing too because I had 2 Schick razor coupons for $4 each. And they were ony good through yesterday! With rollover from last week's ECBs, the 2 razors and mouthwash were FREE plus I got $8 in ECBs.

Here is the breakdown of this transaction:
$7.99 x 2 Schick Razors
$2.99 Crest mouthrinse
-$8 Schick coupons
-$1 Crest coupon
-$10 ECB coupon
well, I still had to pay$0.68 in tax (why must they tax coupons?)

They also had BOGO raisins and apricots. I had $1 off 1 coupons for Sunsweet from the Publix Summer Coupon Booklet. We have not had dried fruits since imposing the no-sweets-and-junk-food ban of April 2009. I use these for baking and I haven't baked anything in two months. I made muffins last week and today brownies and banana bread (with raisins, of course).

Here is what these cost me
$3.49 two Raisins
$4.99 two Apricots
-$2 Sunsweet coupons
$6.48 for 4 or $1.62 each!

*Note to self:
Do not bake, blog and play walkie-talkie with 2 kids at the same time. I just accidentally put the oven on broil instead of OFF. Good thing it was at the end of baking.

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