Monday, June 15, 2009

Publix Shopping

There's a new Publix in town. You would never know an old Albertsons once graced that shopping complex. There are new palm trees and pretty flower beds. They were selling Boar's head hot dogs and soda for $1. And lots of FREE food to sample: Publix ice cream, key lime cheescake, Boar's head meats and cheeses, salads and more. One important thing was missing... Coupon Booklets! What is a Publix without these money savers? Incomplete, that's what!

I will still have to visit the Publix in AL at least once a month to stock-up on coupons. That's ok. At least it's near the beach. I was happy with my purchase at the new store. The organic yogurt was only $0.35 each after the coupon. And the olive oil was only $2 each!

Here is the breakdown of what I bought at the new Publix:
$5.99 two bottles Pompeiian Olive Oil
$2.40 four Stonyfield yogurt (one got eaten before this picture!)
-$2 Pomp. coupons (printable)
-$1 Stonyfield coupon (from a Publix booklet)
$6.39 Total

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