Saturday, June 13, 2009

500 FREE Business Cards

Check out my new Blog Card! I ordered 500 beautiful cards from Vista Print for $6.15! Yesterday I tried to do the deal they had for $1.99 for 500 cards. But I decided not to because the shipping fee was too high. Then I checked my email and found an offer for FREE cards. So even though the shipping fee is still atrociously high at least that is all I paid for. Go here to check it out this deal (500 cards for NEW customers, 250 for existing customers).

If you decide to order from them, please do so with caution. Make sure you've had enough sleep and there are no little anklebiters distracting you. There are lots of other offers they throw at you while you are checking out. It is easy to accidentally click on the wrong thing and order return labels or T-Shirts.


  1. ...also easy to let a typo slip in....

  2. Did this happen to you? Were you able to get it changed? This is my first time getting this from them.


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