Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wal-Mart Price Match, May 27- June 2

This post is a compilation of the best deals from other stores that you can price-match at Wal-Mart. I do this often to avoid driving all over the place. You can price match items from any printed ad except Big Lots, as long as there is an actual price per item (NOT BOGO or % off sales). I will write a post later on the best way to chekout if you are price-matching. If there any Wal-Mart rollback items that is just a great sale I will add it here too.

Store abbreviations: FW (Food World), G (Greer's), B (Barnes), WD (Winn-Dixie), Wal (Wal-Mart), PUB (Publix)

FW $0.99/lb apples, washington, red delicious, braeburn
FW $0.99/lb Peaches
WD $2.99/lb Cherries
WD $0.78 each Mango
WD $2 Baby Cut Carrots, 2lb
WD $1.50 Broccoli Bunch
G $0.50/lb Bananas
G $0.50 each Green Bell Peppers
G $1.50 Potatoes, 5 lbs
G $1.50 Onions, 3lbs
B $0.99/lb Squash
B $0.79/lb Vine Ripen Tomatoes

G $2/lb Boneless Bottom Round or Rump Roast
B $1.69/lb Assorted Porkchops, FamilyPack
PUB $2.97/lb Beef Top London Broil
PUB $0.99/lb Purdue Oven Roaster
FW $1.59/lb Porkchops, Boneless Sirloin
FW $1.69/lb Ground Chuck Family Pack
Wal $1.58/lb Ground Beef (5 lb Chub)
FW $1.99 Gwaltney Bacon, 12 oz

PUB $2.89 Publix Gallon Milk, All Natural
PUB $1.99 Publix Sweet Cream Butter
B $2 Borden Cheese, block 8 oz, shreds 6 oz, single slices 12 oz
B $2 Dannon Danimals
Wal $1.88 Borden Single Sensations
Wal $1.50 Oscar Mayer Hotdogs
Wal $0.88 Bar-S Hotdogs
Wal $1.94 Loius Rich Turkey Loop Sausage
Wal $1.88 Kraft 2% Natural Colby Jack Cheese

PUB $2.50 Kashi cereals or bars
B $2.50 Honey Bunches of Oats, regular size,
B $4.50 Bertolli Olive Oil 17 oz
B $1 Betty Crocker Helpers (hamburger, tuna, pasta)
PUB 3/$5 Del Monte Cups ($1.67 each)
PUB $2 Jell-O Refrigerated Snacks
PUB $1.50 Gatorade, 64 oz

B $2.50 Purex detergent 24-32 oz, softener 44 oz
PUB $4.99 Purex, 100 oz or 3-in-1 Sheets
FW S4.99 Gain Liquid Detergent, 50 oz
FW $4.99 Cheer Liquid Detergent, 40 oz

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