Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Publix Deals May 26- June 2

Frugal for You is proud to be part of the Grocery Gathering! It is a collection of the best deals in national and local grocery and drugstores. You will also find Frugal For You's Food World, and Winn-Dixie Deals in the Grocery Gathering. I love finding the coupon match-ups there... less work for me. Try I Heart Publix to know where to look for the coupons. You may also view Publix's ads at their website for a complete list of BOGO items and Essentials.

$2 Publix Salad Blends
$0.95 Vine Ripen Tomatoes
$2.97/lb Beef Top London Broil
$0.99/lb Purdue Oven Roaster
BOGO Quaker Cereal (WIC alert- Buy Life Cereal)
$3 Oscar Mayer Lunch Meats
BOGO Gatorade 64 oz, ($2.60/2)
BOGO Chips Ahoy ($3.79/2)
Buy 2 Get 1 Capri Sun
BOGO Crystal Light
$2.50 Kashi cereals or bars
3/$5 Del Monte Cups ($1.67 each)
$1 Zephyrillis Water, 3 Liters
$2 Jell-O Refrigerated Snacks
$2.50 Alexia Potatoes (organic chips)
BOGO Nonni Biscotti ($2.99/2)
BOGO French's Mustard ($1.35/2)
BOGO Taco Bell Dinner Kit ($2.69/2)
BOGO Uncle Ben's ($1.49/2)
BOGO Publix Black Pepper, 4 oz ($3.59/2)
$2.50 Marie Callender's Entrees
$4.99 Purex, 100 oz or 3-in-1 Sheets
BOGO Spray and Wash ($2.99/2)
$7.99 Claritin, 10 count or 14 oz syrup
$3.49 Hefty Everyday Plates, 130 count

Essentials Highlights:
$2.89 Publix Gallon Milk, All Natural
$1.99 Publix Sweet Cream Butter
$1.39 Eggo Waffles

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