Monday, May 25, 2009

Got My Free Pork Plus More!

Our total was $27.63. I would have spent $96.60. That's 71% savings! We saved $40.87 in store sales and $28.10 in coupons.

This is the breakdown of what I bought:
Kingsford Charcoal, not pictured
2 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
Pork Shoulder Blade Roast (only $0.66 w/ coupon!)
Kraft BBQ Sauce
Kraft Salad Dressing
2 Arnold 100% Whole Wheat bread, BOGO
Beef chuck boneless short ribs
6 Birds' Eye Veggies, not pictured
4 Kraft Singles
4 Breakstone's Sour Cream
2 Morton Season All

Taking out the cost of the beef ribs ($12.84) and charcoal ($6.99), we paid $7.80 for 22 items. That's only $0.35 each!

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