Thursday, August 1, 2013

Office Max: FREE Highlighters With Coupon!

Did you guys get to Office Max to grab all the nice penny deals like the scissors and penny backpack?! Wow! Office Max rocks!

I love Back-to-School deals. It's like Christmas!

There is also FREE highlighters to be had. Check page 2 of the Office Max weekly ad (from Sunday's paper, NOT the store copy). Cut-out the coupon for FREE highlighter coupon! Each customer can use two coupons, no other purchase required!

The coupon says:
FREE with coupon.
Sharpie Accent Asstd Tank-Style Highlighters, 4-pack
2211-7433 $3 Value. Limit 2.

I got two this Sunday. I went straight to Office Max before picking up a copy of the Sunday paper because I wanted to make sure we got the penny deals. But the store's copies of the weekly ad does NOT have the coupon. They were nice enough to work it out for me after I showed them that the online ad showed the coupon (it can't be printed out online either).

So save yourself the trouble and bring your own copy of the weekly ad from Sunday's paper!

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