Thursday, July 4, 2013

Patriotic Stripes T-Shirt

Happy 4th of July! Here is a quick craft project I made this morning. It was easy enough to dig up a girl's outfit for the festivities tonight. But alas, nothing for a lil' boy. So, we set out to solve the problem by making a patriotic shirt. It took me about an hour to make. But would take anyone who has been sewing more than once in two years about 30 minutes or less.  

First, I found a white, red, and blue t-shirt. The white one has to be completely plain, but the others can have print.
Then I cut a strip of each t-shirt from the middle section. I didn't want a strip with the bottom hem of the shirts.
These strips were then pinned to each other. I normally don't bother pinning. However, this time I wanted to make sure the pieces lined up so I think I overpinned the strips. Off to the sewing machine after this step. Zip, zip, zip on the machine and it's almost done! I tucked the excess length of the red strip so the lengths would all match up.

Lastly, I attached the bottom of the white shirt with the hem to the red stripe because the shirt was a bit short. It worked out well and fits great!
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