Monday, May 6, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: Simple, No Fuss, Plus Free Pot Pies!

I'm linking to Menu Plan Monday.
I think I stayed on course this week with the menu plan better than I had in a very long time. Here are the best highlights, none of which were actually on the menu!
Best dessert: crepes with Nutella, sliced strawberries and dusted with powdered sugar. A friend surprised me and made the crepes and I added the filling.

Best dinner: Nachos for Cinco de Mayo. I wanted to make homemade tortillas for tacos but the chips were only $1 at Kroger. So tacos became nachos. And instead of sour cream, I used yogurt. But you can't even tell the difference!
 Best late lunch: roasted hotdogs and smores. It was a nice day to visit the neighborhood park have a mini-camping experience.

Now for this week's menu:
Monday: oatmeal, rice and beans and cornbread, tuna pasta salad
Tuesday: muffins (from freezer), house salad with chicken, pork adobo (stew)
Wednesday: cheesy baked tatertots, fried rice, bbq chicken sandwiches
Thursday: cereal, spaghetti, chicken pot pie and corn on the cob (neighbor's gift)
Friday: Matzo crackers with Nutella, arroz caldo (rice porridge), pork stirfry
Saturday: cereal, sausage with onions sub, pizza
Sunday: banana bread, chicken broccoli casserole, roast chicken
I was able to bake a lot last week and saved some for the freezer to use for this week. And for the most part, this menu is very simple and easy. I can't wait to try the pot pies our neighbor gave us. Yay! One dish I don't have to cook!

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  1. I enjoy baking but with the temps rising in Vegas...not so much.


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