Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 30: Games for the Community Room

Two more days to this Clutter-Busting Challenge! I got rid of 10 items. A giant homemade 3-d snowflake on the ceiling of my daughter's room has been hanging there since Christmas. I kept forgetting to pull it down. This 3-d snowflake was so pretty and easy to make again that we don't need to keep it.

I just remembered today that our neighborhood community room has lots of games, movies and books available for anyone to use. Since we go there often, we can bring our games, books, and movies there to "store". An A-Ha! moment. Technically, we are donating it to the community room. But we can still use it anytime we want as long as no one is using it. Perfect! This is the perfect solution to still get more books out of the house but still have nearby access to them.
I also found 4 gardening pots to get rid of in the backyard. An idea sparked by Crystal at Money Saving Mom!

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